Prayer against the evil spirit

Take authority over the enemy who has confiscated your blessing and begin to take it back in the name of Jesus. Decree that God is with you. Pray and declare no weapon shall be formed against you shall prosper and you will not be defeated. Be brave like David, , declare that every attempt will be exposed. Take authority over every tongue that wants to speak against your peace before they start shall fall and die, because God has ordained you to enjoy everything pertaining your life. God will frustrate all their works and weapons and take back your property and benefits belonging to you which the enemy is trying to divert. You must pray that any relocation that would result in destruction for you would be exposed by God. Be bold and receive the power so you may overcome every roaring lion that has vowed to devour you. God will expose anyone carrying the spirit of weaknesses trying to conspire against you. Let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from you as they don’t have the power to destroy what God has build. Those who see evil in you and all that you are doing will be embarrassed and put to shame even if they try to sabotage your vision and destiny they will not succeed because God will never be stopped from doing anything that makes you prosper . We ask God to open your eyes so you may see and know every agent of  toiling evil spirits and those walking around you. God will release every spirit that tries to use blackmail to destroy you with the intention of taking your blessing. Thank God because he has made himself am enemy of your enemies. If ye be willing and obedient , ye shall eat the good of the land . Isaiah 1:19.


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