Sermon 2.                    
 Sermon 3.
Dont force people to call you, or stay with you, care for you, love you or come and see you either .God let all that to happen just for you to see that they are not joined to you in spirit thats why because if you force certain circumstances you will only be making your life difficult for your destiny. Your destny with God is different from theirs and its never tied to anyone. They leave you because they are not joined to you, know that, what is in you is bigger than what is in the world. This does not mean they are bad people but their story with you is over and finished , you need to know that and start all over . When God says its over with what ever you have been going through, it is over. Dont keep trying to raise the dead and keep company with them, know it is dead, therefore do not mix with the dead.Let the dead bury the dead, it is because God will be separating you from them. When God does that ,stop begging them to come back into your life, it is  because you were holding on something that does not belong to you or intended to be yours for life. Even if it has a lot of pain and anger never mind thats, thats how God moves you from something you cannot let go. Never think of revenge or try to let them feel the way you felt , just let it go, God does not want you to revenge because the revenge is his. God has better people in store for you, he will replace them before you know it. It could be a job you lost, an affair , friendship or spouse, just let it go coz they will be walking away from without any valid reason why they are , let them walk and dont let your heart be troubled or stressed. If they were meant to be part of your life they will come back. Let the past be the past and deal with memories that go with that. God is with you all the way, he will never let you down or abandon you. Boldly declare that every evil decision contrary to your destiny, counsel and purpose shall not stand because God is with you. Isaiah 8:10
By Wadzanai Mukurutangwa (Makaya ¬ Chiweshe)

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