Sermon 3. 
You need to always admire each other on a daily basis and give good comments all the times when ever necessary, do not criticise each other no matter what, even in public show love and respect. Have diplomacy on what ever you say to your spouse, dont give commands, in marriage you need to make a suggestion to a question and give an opinions to an answer. You make a good wife one could ever want. As a wife make sure you are the first to make a comment on his dressing and his looks …and an additional suggestion on how he should match his colours before he goes out of the house. Don’t let anyone give comments before you, just appreciate him being your husband and make the best out of him not the worst make him feel wanted and loved. Always do good to make him appreciate you as a wife. Make less complaints, avoid quarrels and fights even if you know he is wrong simple say am sorry, it makes a difference and calms him down back to his senses. All this should start with you the wife he will follow your footsteps, and do the same. Don’t give him a chance to complain about you before you correct your mistakes. if they are any misunderstanding you will find that friends, colleagues, relatives and neighbours happens to be the ones to know, they can build, damage or destroy your marriage. Be careful what you do in the eyes of those who hate your relationship.  It pays to be honest and be a loving wife who wants the best for your husband. Next time he will ask you for a suggestion on what ever he wants to do even if he discuss anything with friends he will still need your advise, decision and approval from you first as his wife, when that happens dont get too excited for the honour given, as you have build the trust in him, he knows you have positive and honest ideas not negative ones, as what comes out of your mouth builds not destroys and releases his stress and pressure and he will depend on you and believe in you whole heartedly knowing he will never go wrong .You will find the world saying a lot ‘Akadyiswa’ yet its simple love and honesty and respect.  It pays to respect cause you earn dignity in your faith thou the world will say what they want ‘anotya mukadzi wakhe ‘yet its all about love, respect and honesty. You don’t even need any medicine or any african juju , but to respect and be loyal . Increase your dose of faith in your prayers if you find it not working and pray for him as well as your children. Always put God first in everything you do, it makes your marriage complete.: by Wadzanai Mukurutangwa ( Makaya¬Chiweshe)

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