Wadzanai Mukurutangwa's photo.
Sermon 3 .                                      
Don’t feel threatened, shaken and insecure when the devil visit your marriage. He is just trying to see if you are really meant for each other and how strong you are in your marriage. Its simple, you just kneel down and pray and let God take control, it will come to pass and you will be happy again, though other people find it hard to pray but God is the only solution. Problems come and go but they make you realise the importance of God in a marriage. Its like a reminder for you, to pray and hold tight and never let go your man. Respect your mother in law as she is the key to your marriage, she who took care of him to be there for you, despite the bad things you might think she does in your marriage, she will only be doing her duty as mother in law, just like you would do to your own son, making sure that he is happy.  Every mother need the best for their children. Though some woman see it in a different perspective but thats the reality. A real woman prays for her husband and all your problems .Ask God to put right what is wrong. He will change, nothing is impossible with God .God’s ears are not closed to hear your silent prayers. Trials and pain are everywhere but God will overcome all .You might think your problems are bigger than a mountain, yet someone out there is in a worse situation than yours. Its all because they don’t dispose their problems ‘Chakafukidza dzimba matenga’, a wife has a stronger heart than a husband, though physically, they are strong but not when it comes to love, problems and temptations, they have a weakness in that and they needs a woman’s prayer and fasting. Marriage is not like a piece of a cakes, you eat, enjoy and forget about tomorrow, thinking that’s the end. Love in a marriage is about compromise and understanding until death does us apart. So don’t take it for granted. Its a life time relationship that needs patience and perseverance to pull through and to be handled with care. As it is a gift from God.
by Wadzanai Mukurutangwa.( Makaya¬Chiweshe)

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