Sermon 7.
Live your life with grace but do not ignore the truth about God so that you will be healed . Learn how to race with what has already done, and learn how to work and try and get there. Study and speak the word of God Believe and have faith in what you do. Do not say the things God did not tell you . Do not debate about your life . Be extremely aware and acknowledgement of God presents because he is for you and with you and in you. You will find that you will even refrain from evil because you know God is there.  When ever you want to do something bad you will know that he is there you will even feel God’s presence and you will not do it because he is there with you, that alone will limit you from doing what God does not approve. Do not create enemies unless they, themselves declare to be your enemy and consider you their enemy and make themselves your enemy . Make sure you have no enemies just try to ‘ Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Matthew 5:44See More by Wadzanai Mukurutangwa.(Makaya¬Chiweshe)
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